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Welcome to the Simplified Self-Management (SSM) System
Web-based • Customizable • Easy To Use • Intuitive • Comprehensive

Put AAI’s 40-years of condominium property management
expertise to your Association’s benefit!

Learn how to proactively manage the Administrative, Financial and Physical aspects to end Board Burnout and protect your Association.

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The key to working smarter and keeping costs down is by standardizing internal processes that are in compliance with condo law and seamlessly transferring that info from Board to Board.  

Protocols can either be created once correctly or, without guidance, the Board can waste time year after year resulting in legal risk, increased expenses and negatively impacting property values. 

Increase efficiency & transparency while decreasing liability & time!

AAI’s practical step-by-step “How To” instructions and more than 70 customizable forms are easy to understand and will guide you in creating accurate management protocols over the lifecycle of any Association from Start-Up through Annual Compliance in the following categories: 

  1. Developer Turnover
  2. Management Transitions, Records & Administration
  3. Maintenance, Operations Manual & Emergency Protocols
  4. Budget & Financials
  5. Sale or Lease Of A Unit
  6. Meetings, Agendas, Minutes & Action Items
  7. Annual Meetings
  8. Rules & Regulations

For more information, usage questions or to purchase SSM System access, please call Shirley Feldmann at 773.348.0742.