protect your investment and increase your property values


Condominium, Townhome and Homeowner Associations now have a place to turn for customized and timely education and direction to empower your decision-making process!

Association Advocates, Inc. provides State of Illinois licensed community association managers for residential property consultation and project facilitation services. We are an advocate for the volunteer board and homeowner offering proactive solutions to help you protect your investment and increase your property values.

And, for those new or seasoned developers wanting to ensure Turnover compliance, owner satisfaction and a smooth transition, we also offer developer consultation and training to guide in managing the property and association accurately prior to Turnover–benefiting all parties involved.

We provide newly-formed or existing associations—whether professionally or self-managed—with the necessary tools through one-time training or on-going consultation and project management in the below highlighted areas.

Self-managed boards must adhere to the same legal standards as professionally managed associations. Now available, our new Simplified Self-Management — A Practical Guide with How-To’s & Forms is an essential resource of best practices to help Boards stay in compliance with the Illinois Condominium Property Act.

For a Summary of Services, Training Packages and Full Explanation of Services Offered, please download our “Scope of Services” PDF file below:

Scope of Services (240KB.pdf - Acrobat Reader Needed)

Smaller associations may find it cost prohibitive to hire qualified and responsive professional management. Larger associations may mistakenly think that Management is a replacement for the Board and provide limited oversight.

No matter what size your property, the Board is responsible to understand current legal requirements and ensure that either the Board and/or Management are complying. We educate you on how to stay in compliance and decrease risk.

We are not a management company, but can assist you in determining the most effective management and procedural options specific to your property — whether professionally or self-managed.

We can act as an extension to professional management, which can be especially helpful during developer turnovers, capital improvement projects and management transitions.

Or, if you are unsatisfied with existing management, we can guide you on either working to better that relationship or can perform a thorough management search to meet the association’s service expectations.

We are not an accounting or law firm, but can help you determine when you need to get a CPA or attorney involved.

We are not engineers or construction managers, but can manage the process of confirming the Scope of Work, identifying the proper vendors, negotiating for quality services, obtaining funding for repairs, and overseeing the budget for the most cost effective outcome.

We offer basic and comprehensive consultation options to “Do-It-Yourself” or can manage the project to ensure its timely and efficient completion. Designed to meet in between professional and self-management, our “Management Coaching” retainer services are a cost-effective alternative to give Boards the guidance and confidence to manage accurately—whether monthly, quarterly or annually.

Association Allies… Partners for simplified self-management offers a cost effective alternative to professional management providing access to the trusted professionals you deserve at the prices you can afford. Click on the below link to learn how you can increase efficiency, transparency and owner satisfaction while decreasing liability, time and Board burnout.

  • Pricing based on building size and quoted by hour, project or retainer. 

  • Services are customized for each Association and can be selected individually or as a package, offering considerable cost-savings.

Any outsourcing recommendations that we may make is based on company reputation, responsiveness and experience in the community association industry.  You can be confident that we do not accept referral fees or compensation of any type from vendors we recommend to clients.  The only fee we receive is for the services agreed upon from our clients.

Now Available…

Simplified Self-Management
A Practical Guide with How-To’s & Forms

An essential resource of best practices for Boards
of condominium and community associations in Illinois

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