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Increase efficiency & transparency while decreasing liability & time spent


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Whether you live in a condominium, townhome or are part of a homeowners association, the key to working smarter and keeping costs down is to standardize processes and seamlessly transfer that information from Board to Board.  Incorrect association protocols can result in legal risk, increased expenses, unfinished projects and reduced property values.

Now you can decrease risk and save time while staying in compliance with the Illinois Condominium Property Act (ICPA).  Understanding the ICPA requirements is one thing.  Practically implementing them is another.  Association Advocates’ 40+ years of condominium management expertise is now available to help you meet these needs.

AAI’s Simplified Self-Management is a practical guide including step-by-step How-To instructions and more than 70 customizable forms that are easy to understand and use.   It will provide your Board with industry standard best practices to create effective management protocols over the lifecycle of any Association from Start-Up through Annual Compliance in these crucial categories:

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You’ll learn how to get your “house” in order to proactively manage the Administrative, Financial and Physical aspects to end Board burnout and protect your investment. 

Smaller associations may find it cost prohibitive to hire qualified and responsive management.  Larger self-managed associations are responsible for making sure their property manager is complying with all laws.  No matter what size your Association, implementing these tools will save time, money and frustration.

Boards often spin their wheels trying to figure things out on their own.  Stop wasting your valuable volunteer time trying to reinvent the wheel when AAI’s tools will help your Association run smoothly. 

Now you can have the most comprehensive resource that professional management companies don’t have:

Give These Free Sample How-To’s & Forms A Spin And See
How Efficient Simplified Self-Management Can Be….

•  HOW-TO: Transition from Professional Management to Self-Management
•  FORM:  Management Account Transition List
•  HOW-TO:  Develop Emergency Protocols (partial sample)
•  FORM:  Owner/Resident Information  


Other Services Available For Self-Managed Associations:

•  Customized Training and Project Management
Whether your Board needs a better understanding of your Association’s Declaration/Bylaws, help creating the Annual Budget, determining what the developer’s obligations were to your recently turned-over Association or project managing and funding large repairs, we can create a Customized Training Session that will help you make the most informed decisions.  

•  Association Allies… Partners for Simplified Self-Management
Get discounted pricing from trusted industry professionals to outsource such services as: Legal, Financial, Maintenance and 24/7 Emergency, to name a few.